juu - 1 person you can trust


- i can trust all my close friends -

ku - 2 things you wish you could do

1. visit japan and south korea

2. learn how to play my guitar

Hachi - three words you can't go a day without using

1. Annyong

2. Baka

3. Hai

Nana - four memories

1. when i lost my first tooth.

2. how and when i met my closest friends.

3. when i got Niko.

4. summercamp 2012 summer edition [ i miss all of them already..]

roku - five things you can't live without

1. my drawing things; drawing book, pencils, pens, markers ~

2. internet.

3. chocolate

4. my friends and niko

5. something to live for.. inspiration and shizz..

go - six songs that you're addicted to







yon - seven fears/phobias

1. rollerstairs.

2. heights.

3. of what people think of me.. just sometimes.. i doesn't really care much about that.. just sometimes..

4. people who follows me in the street.

5. scary movies o.o'

6. some persons..

7. to get really sick or hurt.

mittsu - eight things that annoy you

1. people who always tell me how ugly and fat they are.

2. people who ask me if i'm sad/mad when i'm not smiling and try to be a bit more seriouse.

3. people who always change their meaning.

4. liars.

5. my own feelings.

6. when i'm on ebay and find stuff i want.. then finds out it's sold, not the right size or.. you just don't have enough money.

7. when you really want to tell someone something but doesnt do it because you're too scared to get hurt.

8. when you want to go for a walk but when you comes to the door you find out that you're too lazy to do it.

ni - nine things you do everyday

1. draw.. i can't go one day without draw something.

2. eating stuff stuffed with sugar.

3. gaming reatarded games.

4. watch TV.

5. write diary.

6. cat stuff with my cat.

7. being me.

8. listen to music.

9. bathroom.. Idunno.

hitotsu; Ten random facts about yourself

1. native people's clothing are cool

2. i want two fishes.

3. i like cake.

4. i hate snow.

5. i don't like orange.

6. i hate taking rollerstair, at least when they're going down.

7. my diary is pink.

8. i love drawing.

9. i'm really boy'ish.

10. japan and korea is my life.

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